Prussiani Engineering presents the new CUT & JET MONOBLOCK and the STAR XL sawing machine at MARMOMAC.

The MONOBLOCK CUT & JET is a combined CNC machine, which combines the speed of the diamond blade and the precision and versatility of the water jet with the efficiency of the CUT & MOVE. It is an ideal machine both for the production of one-off pieces and in series. The transport is easy and maintenance is reduced, moreover it does not require foundations. The CUT & JET MONOBLOCK machine can have the POLISHING kit, to speed up production times as much as possible.

STAR XL is a numerically controlled bridge saw with monobloc structure, with 4 or 5 axes. It is ideal for straight, curved and inclined cuts, for drilling, profiling, engraving and bas-reliefs. It can also perfectly polish surfaces thanks to a telescopic spindle. The excellent cutting quality is guaranteed by the movement of the bridge through two motors, one on the right and one on the left (GANTRY system).

The Prussiani range also includes milling machines, water jet machines, plate polishing machines, sink hole machines, machining centers, lathes and robots for loading plates.

All machines can be made to measure, based on space and production needs.

The staff of Prussiani Engineering awaits you from 29 September to 2 October at MARMOMACHALL 3 STAND A15 to listen to your needs and offer you the ideal solution.